I believe that an artist needs to investigate all aspects of their field in order to find their voice. For me, the written word is the foundation of everything I do. It wasn't until I began writing in earnest that my understanding of storytelling, whether through acting, directing or screenwriting, finally gelled into what I like to think of as "The Big Idea." I've been blessed to see two of my screenplays produced into feature films (one of those I also directed), but like every creative in film and television, I have experienced the frustration of decisions by committee, development hell, and simply not seeing eye-to-eye on the project at hand. So, ironically, after a fruitful decades-long career on both sides of the camera (one that I happily continue), I have returned to what first inspired my love of stories: Novels. I decided to try my hand at this form that would allow me the freedom to create a story exactly as I envisioned it and to experience the joy, as Isaac Asimov put it, as "the words appear on the page like magic." It also meant that without the excuse of blaming a third party of interference I would have to stand by my creative work in a way I never had to before. But the gratification of sitting down to write everyday was simply too good to pass up. Therefore, my first novel, Old Man, will be published in 2021. My next I expect to be available in 2022, and hopefully one a year after that as long as I'm able.  Cheers!

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