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How We Got Away With It written and directed by Jon Lindstrom

Filmmaking is as visceral a creative experience as writing, painting or acting. With a company of performers and craftspeople depending on you to meet the schedule, planning is essential. Definitive choices on style, tone and form must be made before principle photography, but on set, where all that counts is what’s going through the lens, your guide is your instinct. Whether it be a performance note, a shot composition, or you’ve just lost a location and need to adapt quickly, it is your inner voice that shows you the way. 

I lean toward dramatic crime thrillers (though I do love me some character-driven humor). I'm honored to have had my films screened all over the world, and to have been recognized at several festivals. I am very proud of my contributions to Kids In The Spotlight, a not-for-profit dedicated to encouraging foster children to tell their stories through film.

“The truth of a thing is in the feel of it, not in the think of it.”- Stanley Kubrick

Directed by

Directed by

"An assured visual style.

A promising feature directing debut"

Hollywood Reporter​​

"A polished, beautiful film.

A sharp, visually striking thriller."

Georgia Entertainment News

"Doesn't stop twisting

until the final credits."

New York Times

"The actions are as plausible

as they are horrific

in this little indie gem."

Komm & Sieh (Germany)

"Recalls Hitchcock and Haneke. ...a chilling plunge into gangster or

horror cinema.."

St. Louis Magazine

"An absolute crackerjack of fun...

fleshy characters, fabulous dialogue. 


"A director who clearly understands

visual possibilities."

Film Journal

"Something about it just festers in the subconscious, days after viewing."

J.B. Spins

"Not one dull moment from the start

to the twist-filled end."

7M Pictures

How We Got Away With It award-winning film written and directed by Jon Lindstrom
How We Got Away With It directed by Jon Lindstrom
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Nehemiah Film Festival - 2021
FINALIST Big Apple FF 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Beverly Hills Film Festival
Depth of Field WINNER
Sonoma Film Festival Winner
St Louis Film Festival Finalist
Twain Harte Winner
Marina Del Rey WINNER
SOHO Film Festival Showcase Feature
How We Got Away with It directed by Jon Lindstrom
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